Sunday, 15 November 2009

Do Anti Snoring Nose Drops Work?

As snoring affects over a million people each year all over the world, there are numerous remedies to reduce or even cure it. Serious snoring individuals resort to laser surgeries and other invasive techniques. However, if you scared about going under the knife, there are other effective anti snoring medicines that can be used. Many over the counter anti snoring medications can help get you relief from night time snoring, which may not always result in complete elimination of snoring but can reduce the noisy snoring to a large extend.

Just as there are a variety of anti snoring medications and techniques available, there are many simple remedies and techniques that can further help you end the nightly annoyance. But the question arises why do we even begin snoring?

Well, there can be a variety of reasons that lead to snoring and can be due to the side effects of medications, allergies, respiratory problems and weight gain. However the most common reason for snoring is ultra relaxation of the throat muscles that leads to excessive tissue to vibrate when a person breathes. The narrowing of the air passages lead to a forceful thrust of air each time it is inhaled or exhaled which makes the loose tissues vibrate leading to the noise of snoring. Using remedies and techniques to stop snoring can help to an extent but you need to identify the main cause of your snoring.

Sometimes changing your lifestyle, giving up vices like smoking and drinking can lead to unprecedented snoring at night. There are many people who use anti snoring remedies thinking that they will have a miraculous cure and would stop snoring overnight, but no medicine acts like magic.

Out of the many techniques and remedies to cure snoring, anti snoring nose drops are known to have brought good results. Some of the nose drops are herbal based while there are a few that have been clinically proven as effective anti snoring medicines. Regular use is known to have brought even heavy snoring under control lessening the chances of acquiring sleep apnoea.

So how do nose drops actually help in curing snoring?

A few anti snoring nose drops helps to lubricate the mucous membrane of the air passages and tightens the throat muscles, reducing the vibration of the tissues which leads to lower snoring rate. Similar to nose drops are throat sprays which work on a similar mode. Just spray and swallow and that allow the natural ingredients to coat the throat surface, lubricating d tightening tissues.

Usually nasal sprays, nose drops and throat sprays are natural, effective and regular use does make you snore less. However, it is best to use products that have been clinically tested as chances of side effects are very low as they have had human trials before being launched in the market. Using effective anti snoring nose drops and throat sprays means you get better sleep, rest and feel more energetic and have higher degree of concentration. Snoring will not magically go away, but these products do help.

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